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How Much To Charge For Rubbish Removal In Harrow

At Skip Hire Harrow, we understand the importance of proper waste management and the costs that come with it. Rubbish removal is essential to keeping our surroundings clean, healthy, and safe. We offer a range of services that cater to your needs for rubbish removal in Harrow and its surrounding areas.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals can help you determine the cost of our rubbish removal services. Before you hire us, we believe you should know the range of prices available and what factors affect them. Every job is different, and the cost of rubbish removal in Harrow varies depending on different elements. Here is some useful information that can help you determine how much to charge for rubbish removal in Harrow:

Waste and Rubbish Types

At Skip Hire Harrow, we offer many different waste management services, including household waste, builders waste, garden waste, commercial waste, and hazardous waste. Each type of rubbish might have different disposal protocols, hence, leading to variations in pricing. Note that the disposal of hazardous waste in Harrow is a bit trickier than other types of rubbish due to its danger to people and the environment.

Service Types

We offer several services for rubbish removal, including skip hire, man and van hire, and grab lorry hire. The type of service you choose depends on the amount and type of rubbish you have. The cost of the service can change, depending on the required service level and the duration of the job. The prices for each service differ, and it depends on the level of work we have to accomplish.


The prices of rubbish removal vary based on the type and quantity of rubbish you are removing. Generally, prices range from 150 up to 1,000 or more. To determine the complete cost of the service, we use a combination of the load we collect and the duration we spend on a project. Different jobs might require different levels of work, meaning the price will vary. For instance, garden clearances often require different methods of disposal compared to a home renovation project. Therefore, the cost of removing garden waste might differ from household waste.

Load Weight

The load weight is another critical factor that affects the price of rubbish removals in Harrow and the rest of greater London. The amount of rubbish you have will impact the amount of work required, and hence the amount of time spent, disposal methods and overall cost. Specialty items like fridges, televisions, and furniture all need to be properly disposed of, and companies usually charge an additional fee for that. At Skip Hire Harrow, we charge per tonne for the weight of the load; we provide advice on the size of skip you need and the amount of rubbish that can fit it if you opt for our skip hire services.


Furthermore, your location in Harrow and the surrounding areas will affect the cost of rubbish removal. Different locations have differing access to recycling centres and conveyance charges. Skip hire Harrow is based in Ha1, and we, therefore, cover the whole of Harrow and its surrounding areas.

Other Factors

Additionally, the time of year, the labour required, and other factors also affect the cost of your rubbish removal service. Therefore, it is essential to consider these factors to get an accurate figure. At Skip Hire Harrow, we work hard to give our customers fantastic value for their money. We also provide quotations for our services, and more often than not, they are accurate.


In conclusion, rubbish removal is a vital aspect of waste management that should not be ignored. The cost of rubbish removal services in Harrow depends on several factors, including the type of rubbish, location, load weight, and service type. Skip Hire Harrow offers professional services and can help you determine the cost of rubbish removal services with expertise. Contact us on 020 3640 9461 or email us at [email protected] for all your queries. You can also check our website at for all the information you need. We are more than happy to assist you with all your rubbish removal needs!

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